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Get diverse pipelines of high-quality talent in no time, and save hours in the process. Our talent experts and AI-powered tech make recruiting top talent for your teams effortless!

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Immediate Access To The Best And Brightest

Our recommendation engine and candidate video profiles make it easy to identify the right applicants.

Motivated Applicants

Our captive community of hundreds of thousands of top-tier professionals opts into your roles. Only review interested candidates. 

Comprehensive Profiles

Candidates complete our common application. Standardized video interviews help you get to know them beyond the resume at your convenience.

Custom Curation

Don’t waste your time. The efficiency of AI-powered tech plus our recruiting expertise means you can focus only on applicants who meet your criteria. 

15 profiles reviewed per hire20+ hours saved per hire>95% retention rate

Whether a Fortune 500, a start-up, or somewhere in between, companies use us to find super-smart, analytical talent with 0-15 years of experience in non-technical business roles.

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Not your average candidate pool

Great talent comes in many forms. Our candidates hail from diverse backgrounds, reflecting the best today’s workforce has to offer. 

Representation by the numbers

First-Generation College Candidates



Non-White Candidates


LGBTQ Candidates

Colleges and Universities Represented


How it works

We source and curate rosters of candidates. You choose who you want to interview.




Post your job(s)

Upload your jobs to our platform. Select the most important skills, experience, and abilities for each role. Then we’ll promote them to our candidates.

Receive top talent

In no time, you can review applicants directly on our platform or even in your ATS. We’ll curate and rank a shortlist of the top folks for you. 

Meet your applicants

Review applicants’ virtual interviews and custom notes from your personal account manager. Choose who you want to interview and we’ll connect you straight away. 


Service Levels to Fit All Your Needs

We're here to save you time and help you hire the right talent at a price point you can afford. From self-service to on-demand concierge services, choose the option that suits your needs. 






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Curated Pipeline + Expert Service

Qualified Pipeline

Curated Pipeline

We’ll curate a pipeline of top applicants for you + provide end-to-end support. 

We filter for you. Review only the top applicants for each job.

You filter yourself. Review all applicants.

2 job slots + Self Service Offerings

Unlimited job slots + Enterprise Offerings

* We offer both risk-free contingency + subscription options

What you get


Self Service

Self Service Plus


Weekly pipeline of new applicants

Centralized platform to manage jobs and applicants

Receive standardized video interviews

Greenhouse integration

Applicant curation & ranking

Custom ATS integration

Initial Interview introductions & custom assessment process administered for you

Job Marketing

Self Service

Self Service Plus


Job(s) promoted to Scouted candidate database

Job(s) featured in monthly newsletter

Job description(s) edited and optimized for top applicants

Custom content on why candidates should apply

Custom sourcing as needed


Self Service

Self Service Plus


Guided onboarding & platform demo

Job(s) posted for you

On-demand Account Manager (with Slack channel integration)

Custom notes & intel on each applicant

End-to-end services and support (candidate management, offer negotiation & closing support)

Hear what our clients have to say

“The Scouted technology and team are fantastic. The interface makes it easy to prescreen candidates in the most efficient way possible. Having worked with other recruiting firms I can confidently say that I wish all of them used the Scouted technology/method as it surely produces the best results."

"The Scouted process and platform is a fresh perspective to finding top talent. You get access to high quality candidates and have the opportunity to get to know them by more than just their standard resume even before the first interview. The personalized service from the Scouted team coupled with the ease of their platform has dramatically improved our recruiting and hiring process."

Andrew F

Founder & CEO, Givz

Susan M.

Partner, Alternative Investment Management, LLC

"We had a great experience with Scouted, and ended up hiring a truly ideal candidate through them. We were looking for someone very unconventional, and our selection/interview process is pretty unconventional as well... Scouted was game for it all, and unearthed some truly 'diamond in the rough' candidates, while communicating clearly and expediently the entire way."

Raffi G.

Executive Director at a Mid-size Events Company

"Using Scouted made our search for a Sales Manager incredibly easy. They quickly calibrated to our needs so that we were seeing high-quality candidates within a week of signing up to work with them. Their tech platform was intuitive and user-friendly, and their virtual interviews helped to streamline our hiring process. We look forward to working with them again when we do more hiring."

Christy L.

Director of Operations, Grow Therapy

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