Meet your next hire, don't just read about them.

Recruit Me introduces a simple video-solution to job seekers and employers that provides greater access and storytelling to hiring. By applying video earlier in the vetting process and going beyond the traditional resume, you add a voice...a personality...a person to the words on paper. Meet your next hire, don’t just read about them. 

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Humanize hiring.

With an increasingly remote workforce, we need more humanized hiring practices. Video is at the core of the modern hiring process. Recruit Me brings a simple video-solution to job seekers and employers to provide greater access and storytelling to hiring, applying video earlier in the vetting process, going beyond the traditional resume


Our workforce is evolving -- are your hiring practices?

As an employer, the cost to hire is incredibly high - averaging $4,000 per candidate with an annualized cost of $276B for U.S. companies. As costs grow and hiring needs increase, it’s crucial to get it right the first time while doing it in the most human and accessible way possible.

Job Seekers

Share who you are beyond the resume

As a job-seeker, you want to show off your vibrancy, individuality, and all your dimensions. With Recruit Me, you can express your real self beyond the confines of a page through a Recruit Me video


A hobby bird watcher.

A coffee aficionado.

A knitting feign.

The retiree that was too bored to… retire. 

An amateur (but trying) chef.

The glue gun craftin’ queen.

A reading fanatic.

That 1st-grade soccer coach.

The dad returning to the workforce. 

Your next hire.


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