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Flex by can help you land top talent for your growing company. Fit your recruiting solutions to your real-time hiring needs.

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Flex by is available as an exclusive benefit for active WeWork Members.

Flex is a bold take on talent.

Curated Talent Pipelines

AI Talent Sourcing

WeWork members receive an exclusive 15% discount on our expert recruiting tools and/or your first five hours of on-demand recruiting 100% free.

Easily post jobs to receive exceptional talent, reviewed algorithmically and by real humans, curated specifically for your roles.

Search and campaign to a massive database of more than 100 million candidates across the country.

WeWork members understand the value of flexibility. We designed Flex as a recruiting and hiring solution that scales up and down with your exact hiring demand.

Video Interviewing

On-Demand Recruiting

Meet your candidates face-to-face - from anywhere. Screen, track, and manage your applicants with video-screening software.

Add a top-notch part-time or full-time expert recruiter to your team, on a flexible weekly or monthly basis.

Whether a Fortune 500, a start-up, or somewhere in between, companies use us to find talented candidates who make a real business impact.

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